Coronation Pageant, 1911

Bilsdale Band led a Pageant held on July 1st 1911, to mark the Coronation of
King George V and Queen Mary.

The Pageant took place at Busby Hall, Carlton in Cleveland, Stokesley, North Yorkshire.

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Drummer behind: Harold Noble
Back: Alf Atkinson, Jim Allison, JW Garbutt, Wm Garbutt, Wm Leckenby
Front: George Teasdale, Bob Bentley, E Atkinson, H Featherstone, J Baker

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The significance of the smocks, hats and neckerchiefs is unclear, but they were in good company - if the other participants in the Order of Procession is anything to go by...

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Thanks to Ida Atkinson for providing the originals of these images.