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Practices at Chop Gate Village Hall will be strictly controlled - at least until the coronavirus situation has clarified and improved.

Brass Bands England has issued very specific advice and guidance on this..

We now have practices scheduled for Tuesday evenings, starting at 7.30pm - for as long as it takes in an evening!

All band members and guest players must complete a rapid lateral flow test before each band rehearsal, and be able to demonstrate a negative Covid result

We can now use CGVH from Tuesday 1st June,subject to the following guidelines, with which all players must be aware and comply:

  1. Pre-testing - all band members must have carried out a lateral flow test before each rehearsal and be able to demonstrate a negative Covid result.
  2. Track and trace - attendance register to be taken with contact details for all those entering the hall. Note, the information will available upon request through the band Secretary.
  3. Temperature checks - individual temperatures will be taken using a non-contact thermometer. Note, anyone exhibiting a high temperature will not be allowed in.
  4. Access and egress - a one way system will be in place via the two fire doors. Note, the main entrance door and hallway will not be used.
  5. Sanitising - a sanitising station will be in place, all to sanitise hands upon entry. Note, antibacterial wipes / spray etc will be available.
  6. Air circulation - the doors will be left open to ensure a continuous supply of fresh air
  7. Amenities - the kitchen and indoor toilets are out of bounds. Note, the public outside toilets will have to be used.
  8. Face coverings - to be worn when not blowing instrument.
  9. Social distancing - to be maintained throughout, includes seating and behaviour.
  10. Instruments - No sharing of equipment. Note, may introduce covers for end of instruments if deemed necessary (pending guidance from Brass Band England).


Practices are held weekly at 7.30pm on Tuesday evenings at Chop Gate Village Hall


Dates are given in the following Calendar.



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Chop Gate Village Hall

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